The most powerful e-commerce competitive analytics platform

Spy on competitors, discover top trends, track shopify store insights, optimize your product offering, and win the market.

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Billions of data bring intelligence on all channels

The most comprehensive global e-commerce database for a 360-degree view of the market.
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It is valuable data to change the game.

Bring your market intelligence to the next level using the most comprehensive e-commerce database on the internet.

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Who is allfactor analytics for?

Our innovative market intelligence solutions empower businesses to make better decisions
allfactor e-commerce analytics

E-commerce seller

Online retail market such as Shopify benchmark help you better understand your competitors and customers.

allfactor social media marketing analytics

Retail marketer

Reveal the best marketing strategy of your competitors to outperform rest of the market.

allfactor retail product research

Product Research

Find underlying market opportunities and right product/market fit to skyrocket your sale.


Business Intelligence for All

An intelligent analytics platform that lets you see inside of the competitive market, such as Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy.

AI powered tool at your finger tip

It is more important than ever to establish a full view of the marketplace and your customers.

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“The data is so helpful for me to understand the market. Especially in a time like now!”

Your Performance vs. Benchmark

Understand which of your store metrics can be improved to grow your market share.

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“Those benchmarks let me know exactly what I'm doing right or wrong.”

Target the Right Keywords.

Invest in the best-performing keywords to drive high-value consumers to your site and shift demand from the competition.

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“I can't imagine doing e-commerce marketing without allfactor.”
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Real-time data

A dashboard that provides a real-time view into online stores' performance and market data.

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Deeper insights

Billions of data points to tell you the truly valuable insights that nobody told you before.

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Boarder view

360 degree view of all market players reveal what’s happening now and what the future holds.

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Stronger marketing

Identify emerging trends and new consumer tastes to optimize your marketing campaign strategy.

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More opportunities

All-in-One tool to explore new growth opportunities across all channels and marketplaces.

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Bigger success

Discover which products, categories and brands are in high demand to boost your revenue.

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The most powerful e-commerce competitor analytics platform
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